Every virtuoso musician or instructor will express to you the importance of ear training on your instrument. 

They are right!

You should strive to reach a level where you hear a note, chord, or melody and know exactly where it lives on your instrument.

It can take years!

Ear Training requires hearing and recalling something that you have not heard before. 

How can you practice this by yourself?

GuitarParrot to the rescue!

GuitarParrot helps you randomly explore scales and melodies with a familiar 'Follow the Leader' style. 

Play anything you hear!

Rapid Melodic Ear Training

GuitarParrot brings the classic "Follow the Leader" game to a whole new place. Your phone or tablet! Choose your level and develop your abilities to hear notes and melodies and instantly land them on your guitar! Why is that useful? It builds your abilities to improvise! If you are a musician trying to learn or write songs, it becomes much easier as you connect your ear to your instrument. As an instructor, this is a game I play with students of all levels. As a player, I'm constantly looking for ways to get out of "the rut." This app can do it!

GuitarParrot Lite is a Free version that allows you to try the app with three different scale shapes and two difficulty levels. It allows you to try an 8-note sequence using any of the three scales in all keys.

Get the app!

Google Play Store Link

Free Lite Version

Guitar Parrot Lite on Google Play


Guitar Parrot Lite on the iOS App Store


This is a great idea. I've never thought about ear training like this but having tried it I find it makes a lot of sense. I havent started with the more complicated levels yet but I reckon it is already helping to train my ear. Thanks for a great app.

GuitarParrot is a lot of fun. Frustrating at first, but the more you play it, the better you get, and the side effect is that I can hear a note now... anywhere, and intuitively know where that note lives on the fretboard. I never thought ear training could be fun and translate to the guitar so quickly!
Privacy Policy:

GuitarParrot requires access to your microphone, therefore it hears everything you do while the app is running, just like any other app that can tune an instrument. GuitarParrot does not record, store or save any of the streaming data that it uses to determine pitch. GuitarParrot does not collect or forward any user data to anybody, nor does it wish to. Any statistical data collected consists of how many times each level of the game has been played and the success/fail results of the gameplay. Settings are also saved on your device. Collected data and settings are erased by deleting the app. If the app is downloaded and reinstalled, there is no data retained from the previous installation, including stats. For your safety, to prevent a malicious app from possibly using the open mic stream while GuitarParrot is running, please fully close the app by wiping it out of the background screen when it is not in use. If GuitarParrot is discovered to be mishandling user data in any way, please contact the developer at the email address above so that corrective actions can be taken.

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